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Graphics & Photos

Work of Data and Artaura aim to offer a web design service that integrates fully with the existing branding of your business, incorporating any existing styling, signage, logos, graphics, fonts, et cetera, which you may wish to retain.  Of course, if your business is new or in need of rebranding, we will be pleased to launch the design process from a blank sheet.  We take into account any ideas or requirements you may have, but are equally happy to propose something completely new if you prefer to leave the whole process to us.

Matt Biggs has the resources and experience to provide a complete graphics service for businesses and other organisations.  After leaving art college he initially worked mainly on print media, and then commenced on web design in 1999.  In the last few years demand for his video and stills photography has increased to the point where it has become almost the dominant part of his business.

We have our own extensive library of stills and HD video photography, covering most countries in Europe and beyond.  In addition we are always pleased to incorporate images provided by our clients, as they add authenticity to any site.  The web is undemanding in terms of quality of photographs, and our graphics software can enhance the most unpromising images, so please don't hesitate to propose your own resources for integration into your site.