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About Websites

The saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words, but on the net text is king.  Good design and strong graphics get the attention of your visitors and help build the image of your organisation, but for most situations words are essential to convey your message.  And remember too that search engines have no artistic appreciation - words are all that they understand.

Broadly speaking the choices for page layout are between a corporate style and something more free form such as our Unfair Trade: Slavery site - or maybe an intermediate solution such Matt Biggs' H2o-StormGallery site.

Work of Data and Artaura aim to offer a web design service that integrates fully with the existing branding of your business, incorporating any existing styling, signage, logos, graphics, fonts, et cetera, which you may wish to retain.  Of course, if your business is new or in need of rebranding, we will be pleased to launch the design process from a blank sheet.  We take into account any ideas or requirements you may have, but are equally happy to propose something completely new if you prefer to leave the whole process to us.

In my view it is worth giving some thought to the domain name(s) for your site.  It is often the first information the public will learn about your business, and from it they will develop their first impression of you.